What we Insure

American Collectors Insurance offers customers outstanding protection at affordable rates. To be considered for our program*, a collector vehicle must:

  • Be driven on a limited basis, and not as a daily driver
  • Not to be used for racing or timed events
  • Be kept in an enclosed, locked garage (alternate garaging is available; e.g. carports within gated communities and common garages)

Collector vehicles no longer have to be 25 years or older to qualify. We insure modern classics or exotics, so long as they are used for pleasure and hobby use, and not for general transportation.

Here are some examples of the wide-range of collector vehicles we insure:

  • Antique & Classic Cars
  • Antique & Classic Motorcycles
  • Antique & Classic Trucks
  • Antique Tractors
  • Custom Cars & Trucks
  • Exotics & Modern limited-production Classics
  • Hot Rods
  • Jeeps
  • Kits & Replica Cars
  • Military Vehicles
  • Muscle Cars
  • Restorods
  • Street Rods
  • Vehicles undergoing active restoration

We cannot insure: Off-road vehicles, jeeps (unless they are military or well-maintained antiques) or vehicles used for racing or timed events. Please do not submit requests for “liability only.” Liability is not available as a single coverage.

Applicant Qualifications

In order to qualify for our outstanding protection and affordable rates, drivers must have:

  • At least 5 years of licensed driving experience
  • A good driving record – no more than one moving violation or one at-fault accident within the last 3 years (up to 2 per household)
  • One regular use vehicle for every licensed driver in the household (exceptions may be made for full-time students and retired couples)