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Top Reasons to Choose American Collectors Insurance Over Our Competition

October 16, 2019

It is important to understand the differences in policies and services being offered when making a decision between collector and classic car insurance companies.

Reasons to Choose American Collectors Insurance over Our Competitors:

  • Classic Car Insurance Industry Experience: American Collectors Insurance has been in the classic car insurance business since 1976, our Collector Insurance Specialists (Underwriters) know the hobby like the back of their hands and are best suited to help you get the right protection for your collector vehicle!
  • The ACI Customer Experience: All companies claim to have the best service but American Collectors Insurance customers give us a 98% customer service satisfaction rating year over year!
  • The ACI Commitment: We have a deep commitment of consistently providing our clients with excellent service. Our Collector Insurance Specialists are readily available to answer your questions, give you a quick estimate or process your application.
  • Easy Sign-Up: No waiting for applications to be transferred to different departments or mailed to you. We can do it all over the phone with just one conversation, or on our website in just one visit.
  • Insure More than Your Classic Car Collection: American Collectors Insurance offers a solution for insuring all qualifying Collections in the household – from guns & military memorabilia to stamps & coins, rare wine, limited edition figurines, vintage toys, sports memorabilia and much more. No one offers a standalone policy like ours!
  • A Variety of Mileage Tiers: American Collectors Insurance does not believe in a “One Size Fits All” approach. We offer three different mileage tiers that suit your collector car’s lifestyle. Our standard mileage tier is 2,500 (5,000 miles in some states) which is usually adequate for most collectors.
  • “Freedom Tier” Mileage: Allows qualified customers to use their collector vehicles for occasional general use, such as occasional trips to work, out to dinner, the golf course, etc. This is substantially different from those that offer “unlimited” miles but restricts insureds to “hobby use” only.
  • No Unattended Clause: The “Unattended Clause” limits usage to only car show events. Also, you do not have to be a member of a car club to be eligible.
  • In-House Claims Team: If you should have an unfortunate event take place with your collector car, our friendly claims representatives will work with you from day 1 and be your advocate throughout the entire process.
  • ACI’s TLC Plan: Our “Towing & Labor for Collectors” reimbursement plans are much more robust than any other plans on the market.
  • Automatic Coverage: American Collectors Insurance offers up to $100,000 (or the highest valued car on the policy) on newly purchased collector vehicles. This is an important feature in the car collecting world!