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Our Collector Insurance Plans & Offerings

Collectors insurance isn't like standard insurance. This is important because if you're relying on standard auto insurance to cover the value of your car, or your homeowner's policy to cover that prized collection, you could be disappointed in the event of a loss.

Like collectors, we believe that exceptional quality and value live in the details. That’s why since 1976, we’ve done everything we can to satisfy their needs. We work with collectors to arrive at an agreed upon value and provide coverage that will more fully protect their investment.

Our coverage is more complete and wide-ranging, extending to everything from accidents to earthquakes. Plus, we offer exclusive TLC auto coverage—the most comprehensive emergency expense reimbursement of its kind. And best of all, collectors insurance is surprisingly affordable, you save up to 40% more with collector insurance than standard.

Collector & Classic Vehicles

It's more than just a car. It's your passion.
We make sure it's protected with coverage that serves your unique needs.

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We understand what went into your collection. That's why we value it
the way you do. We insure collectibles for their full collector value, less any applicable deductible, and with no depreciation.

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Rods & Customs

Today's street rods are one-of-a-kind creations that deserve the protection
of more than one kind of coverage. That's why we offer policy options to suit custom car owners—options as extraordinary as your car.

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Antique & Classic Motorcycles

Get “agreed value” protection and the potential to save hundreds on your annual premium. Your bike will thank you.

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