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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How Long Has American Collectors Insurance Been in Business?

We’ve been in business since 1976, and we’re still growing – and innovating – to maintain our excellent reputation in the collector car hobby and the insurance industry.

What Types of Vehicles Qualify for Collector Vehicle Coverage?*

We can provide insurance for many different types of collector vehicles. This list includes antique and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, muscle cars, customs, street rods, replicas, antique fire trucks, amphicars, military jeeps and even antique tractors! In addition to our collector vehicle program, we also have an insurance program available for most types of collectibles like automobilia, coins, stamps, playing cards, trains, figurines, and much more.

Why Is Agreed Value Coverage so Important?

In the event of total loss, most standard auto policies will pay either Actual Cash Value (replacement cost minus depreciation) or Stated Value (the insurer is obliged to pay “up to” the amount stated on the policy). An “Agreed Value” policy, on the other hand, pays the full insured vehicle value in the event of total loss (minus any applicable deductible), with no depreciation. Think of Agreed Value insurance as the only way to fully protect your investment.

Does American Collectors Insurance Provide Liability as a Single Coverage?

No, we do not offer liability as a “single” coverage (liability without physical damage coverage) because we are in the business of insuring collector vehicles. If your interest is solely in obtaining liability coverage (and not protecting the vehicle itself), then you should turn to a standard auto policy.

How Many Miles per Year May I Drive My Collector Vehicle?

We have flexible mileage tiers and usage options available.  Most collectors opt for the 2,500 mile tier, but we also offer a 5,000 option, and our “Freedom Tier” plan in most states which allows for up to 7,500 miles annually.  For further information and to select the plan that best suits your needs, please contact us.

How Do I Add/Remove a Vehicle to My Policy?

Adding and removing a vehicle to your policy is easier than ever with our Manage My Policy feature on our website. Simply sign-in to update your account information or request policy changes. To get started, click here. If you do not want to create an account, you can give us a call, or send an email. If emailing, be sure to include your name, policy number, Year/Make/Model/Value & VIN of the vehicle & instructions to add or remove.

Will American Collectors Insure Vehicles That Are Undergoing Restoration?

American Collectors can provide comprehensive coverage for vehicles that are in various stages of restoration, as long as all of the parts are in the owner’s care, custody and control (and not scattered about at various vendor shops). We provide “Agreed Value” coverage, meaning that the full insured value of your vehicle (less any applicable deductible) is paid in the event of total loss. Comprehensive coverage (sometimes defined as “other than collision”) covers loss or damage to your vehicle resulting from fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, glass breakage, etc. Once the restoration is complete and you are ready to drive your collector vehicle, you should contact us to add liability, medical, uninsured motorist coverage and collision to your policy.

How Many Years Driving Experience Does American Collectors Require in Order to Be an Eligible Driver of an Insured Collector Vehicle?

We require a minimum of five years’ licensed driving experience.

Do You Insure Kit Cars & Replica Cars?

Yes, we provide coverage for professionally manufactured replicas, so long as they will be used within our guidelines.

Is My Car Covered If It Is Not Attended?

Yes-The truth of the matter is that there is no clause in our policy that excludes coverage if the vehicle is left unattended.

I Submitted an Application Electronically...Now What Happens?

Once you have completed the application process, an underwriter will review your application. If we have everything we need we will contact you for payment. Once payment is accepted, coverage will be effective the next business day. You will receive an email with a temporary ID card and further instructions. If we need more information from you prior to binding the coverage, an underwriter will contact you to get the information.