What We Insure

Antique & Classic Motorcycles

These days, more people are riding motorcycles than ever before. You might be surprised to know that more than half of all riders are married, went to college, and their income exceeds the median income of the U.S. population. And 10 percent of motorcycle owners are women. Now’s your chance to gain new customers and add in classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

Policy Features

The antique & classic motorcycle program is available in all states except NY, and is available for physical damage only in NC. Our policies are annual and our minimum premium is $100.

We will consider single qualifying motorcycles as well as larger collections. The program provides:

Agreed Value Coverage

Pays the motorcycle’s full-insured value less any deductible in the event of total loss.

Zero Deductible

Our policy includes a zero deductible option, providing zero out of pocket cost in the event of a claim.

Mileage Plans

Your customers know that the days of one-size-fits-all plans are over. They want a mileage plan that best fits their needs (2,500, 5,000 or 7,500)—now you can give it to them.

Flexible Usage with Freedom Tier

Our Freedom Tier provides more freedom than any other collector vehicle insurance provider. True collectors are allowed 7,500 annual miles PLUS occasional general usage.

High Value Vehicle Program

We provide coverage and discounts for vehicles valued over $150,000 or collections valued over $250,000.

Towing & Labor for Collectors (C.A.R.E.) Plan

Our comprehensive C.A.R.E. Plan—affordably priced on a policy level—reimburses for much more than emergency towing & labor expenses.  Learn more about 3 levels of C.A.R.E.

Coverage for Vehicles in Restoration

Not quite finished? No problem! In most cases, we can protect the motorcycle throughout the duration of the restoration.

Inflation Guard

In the event of a covered total loss to your Collector Motorcycle, Inflation Guard adjusts the Agreed Value of the bike up to 6% max.

Spare Parts Coverage

Should damage or loss occur to a classic “spare part,” our policy provides up to $500 coverage at no additional cost. Additional coverage is available.

Higher Liability Limits and More Deductible Options

Even more cost and coverage options are now available.

Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Vehicles

Qualifying vehicles purchased during the policy term are automatically covered for 30 days.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Available to collectors with two or more qualifying vehicles.

Motorcycle Qualifications

Your clients may enjoy the insured motorcycle on a “pleasure only” basis (e.g., pleasure driving, club functions, exhibitions, tours, etc.) up to the mileage tier limit as selected by the customer. There are no requirements for an insured to be in “attendance” of the motorcycle during hobby usage. We cannot accept motorcycles that are used for general transportation (e.g., commuting to work/school, running errands, etc.) or as a backup to the family car.

  • Classic Motorcycles must be at least 20 years old.
  • Motorcycles must be in good original condition or if restored, must retain its structural integrity.
  • Must be kept in a fully enclosed, locked garage.
  • A central station security system is required in each garage housing an individual vehicle or collection valued at $150,000+.

We cannot insure: Off-road vehicles, jeeps (unless they are military or well-maintained antiques) or vehicles used for racing or timed events. Please do not submit requests for “liability only.” Liability is not available as a single coverage.

Applicant Qualifications

  • All operators of the motorcycle(s) must have at least ten years of licensed driving experience. Five to nine years driving experience may be consider as an exception.
  • Applicants are permitted one violation (not a DUI or reckless driving) or at-fault accident per driver, or two per household in the past 3 years.
  • Each licensed driver in the household must have a vehicle for daily transportation.
  • Applicants must carry liability limits that are at least equivalent to their selection with our program.

Submission Requirements

It takes just a few minutes to quote and submit your next risk online! Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email listing premium payment options – please note: American Collectors Insurance does require the total annual premium in order to bind coverage, and photo(s) and forms must be received within 20-days. Upon receipt of the premium payment, temporary ID cards will be made available via email. We will review & respond within 24 hours to risks that are not immediately accepted. It’s that easy!