Agent FAQs

Accounting FAQ

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via all major credit cards (including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).  In addition we’ll accept checks and money orders. For your clients’ convenience, we direct-bill renewals 45 days in advance of the renewal.

An insured neglected to mail in his renewal payment by the due date. What should I have him/her do?

To avoid any gaps in coverage, we ask that renewals be paid 15 days prior to the renewal date. So, as long as we receive payment in our office by the renewal date, there will be no lapse in coverage. If it is past the actual renewal date please contact American Collectors Insurance immediately and speak with an Underwriter. We may have to re-write the policy, and would need a completed application, updated photos and the premium in full.

Collector Vehicle FAQ

What kinds of collector vehicles are eligible for coverage through American Collectors Insurance?

We have a market for many different types of collector vehicles. This list includes antiques, classics, muscle cars, custom cars & trucks, street rods, replicas, antique and classic motorcycles, custom choppers, antique fire trucks, amphicars, military vehicles, jeeps and even antique tractors!  We’ll consider many other types of vehicles as well, so please be sure to contact us if you are unsure.

What type of physical damage coverage does American Collectors Insurance provide?

In most states we are able to provide comprehensive and collision on an Agreed Value basis. This means that in the event of a total loss, the insured would be paid the full-insured value of the collector vehicle. This type of coverage is much more desirable to collectors than Stated Value or Actual Cash Value coverage, which generally depreciate the vehicles’ values.

How many years’ driving experience is required in order to qualify for coverage?

We require five years’ licensed driving experience in order to operate any vehicle insured through our market. Please note, state restrictions may apply.

How are the vehicles’ values assessed? Is an appraisal or inspection required?

The only situation where we might request an appraisal or bill of sale is for a very high value and/or extremely rare vehicle. Most collectors have a pretty good idea of what their vehicles are worth, but in case they do not, we recommend consulting a pricing guide for collector vehicles. For guidance, please visit the Agent Resource Center for market value resource suggestions.

How many photos are required for a new business submission?

We ask for one recent, clear, color side-view photo for each stock, or original, vehicle, motorcycle, or tractor. For vehicles that are being submitted on a modified application we ask for four recent, clear, color photos. For these vehicles, we need 2 exterior, 1 interior, and 1 engine shot.

What is the maximum amount of liability coverage that an insured can apply for?

We offer a wide variety of limits that will allow you the ability to more closely match the limits carried on his personal auto policy.

Will American Collectors Insurance consider insuring vehicles that are undergoing restoration?

We will consider providing comprehensive coverage for vehicles that are in various stages of restoration, as long as all of the parts are in the owner’s care, custody and control (and not scattered about at various vendor shops). As the restoration progresses, the insured may want to increase the value of the vehicle, and as it nears completion, the insured may want to add liability, collision, and other state coverages so they can register & operate the collector vehicle.

How many accidents/violations does American Collectors Insurance allow?

Applicants should have clean driving records. We allow one at-fault accident per person, up to 2 per household, within the last 3 years. We do not accept DUI’s or reckless driving violations within the last 10 years.

How do I set up my agency’s online account?

Producers who are setting up their account for the first time should enter their producer code without any dashes or preceding zeros. Your initial password will be your agency’s Federal Tax Identification number. After you login for the first time, the system will automatically prompt you to change your password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

I submitted an application electronically…now what happens?

Once submitted the underwriter will review the application for acceptability.  If acceptable, an email will be generated with instructions on how to pay the premium to effect coverage.  Once bound, an email is generated with confirmation of coverage and a temporary ID card.  Instructions are provided within the email of the next steps.

If the risk needs additional information, the underwriter will contact the agent within 24 hours and request the necessary information.

State Specific FAQ

Michigan: What is the current MCCA surcharge?

Every year the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association changes the MCCA fee effective July 1st.  Owners of historically registered vehicles pay 20% of the MCCA fee. To qualify for historic registration, your vehicle must be 25 years or older, owned solely as a collector’s item and “used only for historical club activities, parades, car shows, etc., and not for routine transportation” (source: Michigan Secretary of State Historical Vehicle Application and Certification).

New York: My client received a suspension notice from NY DMV, stating that proof of insurance needs to be electronically transferred. What should I tell my client to do?

Please have your client fax the notice to us as soon as possible (Fax: 856-779-7289). We will verify that all of our information is accurate (name spelling, VIN, etc.) and have our company transfer the information to satisfy DMV’s requirements.

Collectibles FAQ

My client has two collections in the household (collector figurines and model trains). Can both collections be written on the same policy?

Yes, the Collectibles policy provides blanket coverage, and can accommodate many different types of qualifying collectibles on the same policy.

What types of collectibles will qualify for coverage?

We have a market for many different types of collectibles, including coins, stamps, wine, figurines, dolls, teddy bears, automobilia, miniatures, comic books, trading cards, collector plates, ornaments, animation art, sports memorabilia, model railroads, and carousel animals. We also have a market for less well-known collectibles, so if you don’t see your client’s particular collection on the list, give us a call!

Are there any collections that you will not insure?

Coverage is not available for fine art, jewelry, and furniture.

Is flood damage covered under a collectibles policy?

Yes, our policy is an all-risk policy and includes coverage for perils not typically covered under a homeowners policy, such as flood damage and accidental breakage. Additionally, coverage is provided for mysterious disappearance for items that are worth $2,000 and scheduled on the policy.

My client’s collection is displayed at his office. Can he be covered?

With the optional Collector’s Choice coverage, collections that are stored or displayed outside of their residence for more than 30 days are eligible for coverage.  Please contact us for more details.

Marketing FAQ

If I decide to attend some collector car events, how can American Collectors Insurance help?

We would be happy to provide you with applications, forms, brochures and giveaways (e.g., bags, “Please Don’t Touch” signs, etc.). If you are setting up a table or booth, we may also be able to supply you with signage (e.g., banner or table-top sign). Of course, our marketing department has a lot of “tricks-of-the-trade” that we would be happy to share with you, to make the event as successful for you as possible. To request marketing materials, please visit our Agent Resource Center.

How can I make more contacts in the car club community?

One easy way to establish yourself as a “friend of car collectors” is by offering to speak at a car club meeting. Car clubs are very often looking for speakers, and this would be a great opportunity to talk about the importance of Agreed Value insurance for their special vehicles. For more ideas and marketing strategies, feel free to contact a marketing representative at

How is American Collectors Insurance better or different than any of the other collector vehicle insurance markets out there?

We have been a national collector vehicle insurance provider for over 35 years. Our program is recognized for excellent service and ease of doing business by independent agents from coast to coast. Companies who are themselves recognized for service excellence refer customers to American Collectors.