Client Email Template

We are always working to make things easy on our agents, so we’ve drafted a message which you can simply copy and paste into an email or newsletter to your clients.  If you want to get more interesting, you can include pictures of collector vehicles or collectibles to catch your reader’s eye.


Click here to download email in Microsoft Word format.

Email Subject Line: Valued Items Worth Collecting Are Worth Protecting

Do you own something special, such as a collector vehicle, or maybe a collection of model trains, figurines, sports memorabilia, or stamps?  Even if you don’t consider yourself a collector, you might benefit from the specialty coverage we offer for these items.

Typical auto and homeowners insurance policies don’t protect the full collector value of collector vehicles and collectibles.   That’s why [AGENCY NAME] is offering coverage for our clients through American Collectors Insurance who has designed insurance with collectors in mind:

Collector-vehicle insurance provides affordable Agreed Value coverage, which guarantees the full-insured value of your vehicle in the event of a total loss.  Coverage is available for a broad range of collector vehicles, including muscle cars, street rods, exotics, antique trucks and motorcycles, and even unique vehicles such as farm tractors, military vehicles, and more!  The coverage provides flexible usage and mileage options, along with a choice of deductibles and spare parts coverage.  The Collector Auto Reimbursement Endorsement (C.A.R.E.) reimburses for emergency services tailored to car hobbyists.

Collectibles insurance provides broad coverage for a wide variety of collections including automobilia, wine, coins, comic books, and more.  The coverage will protect your collection against accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft, hurricane, earthquake, and even the packaging of your collectibles.  Multiple collections in your household can be covered on the same policy, and you can choose from various deductible options, including zero.  Optional Collector’s Choice coverage provides protection for items being shipped, stored outside of the residence, used for special occasions, and more.

Getting a quote is easy.  You don’t need to have any fancy appraisals or inspections to secure coverage.  Just provide some basic information and our agency will be happy to provide a quick, free quote on your prized possessions.

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