Program Video Series

American Collectors designed this video series to serve as a tool to help you cultivate business in a profitable niche industry. We know full-well that your time is at a premium – which is why these installments are fast, efficient and easily accessible. We encourage you to take a few moments to watch, share this resource with your colleagues, and bookmark this page for future reference.

Qualifying Collector Business

Can’t tell a Camaro from a GTO? Not to worry – you don’t have to be a car expert to work with us.  In this video, we’ll help you to understand who qualifies for our specialty coverage, what affects price, and why using American Collectors’ market for all things collectible will help you save time.

Quote, Submit, and Manage Collector Business Online

Our agent website was created so you can take care of business quickly and efficiently, when it’s most convenient for you. Take a moment to learn how to quote, submit and manage collector business online – all at the click of a mouse.

Why Passionate Car Collectors are Good for Your Business

With over 7% of Americans owning a collector or classic car, there has never been a better time to add collector car insurance to your book of business.  Discover how you can help fuel your client’s passion with a policy from American Collectors Insurance.

Features and Benefits for Your Collecting Clients

American Collectors understands the unique situations collectors face, and offers flexibility and coverage to meet their needs.  Our highly customizable program includes all of the features and benefits your clients will need in order to meet their collector car lifestyle.

Identifying Collectors and Increasing Sales

The easiest way to increase your book of business is to get to know your current clients.  Learn what to ask to see if they have any of the following collectible items that should be insured with a custom policy: classic & antique cars, motorcycles and trucks, hot rods & custom, kits or replicas.