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Collector & Classic Car Values

It’s of utmost importance to formulate an informed estimate of a vehicle’s value if you’re planning to buy, sell or insure an antique, collector or classic car.

What Is the Value of Your Collector Car?

A collector car’s market value is best determined by understanding the forces of supply and demand, by using historical sale prices or current asking prices on available inventory. For collector cars, 70% of classic cars trade hands through private sales, 20% of sales occur through auctions and 10% go through dealerships. With all these various channels in play, no single valuation tool can definitively determine a precise vehicle value.

Fortunately, there are several free collector & classic car valuation tools that, collectively, will allow you to research the range of values for your “passion” car and help establish the price you may potentially ask or offer based on the trim package, included options and vehicle condition.  Below you will find a list of reputable sources to help refine your estimate of your vehicle’s value.

Online Collector & Classic Car Valuation Tools:

National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)

The National Automobile Dealers Association is a trusted, comprehensive source that has created the searchable NADA Guides – Classic & Collectible Car Values to provide a clickable tool to quickly estimate the Low Retail, Average Retail and High Retail values of classic and collectible cars based on the specific vehicle year, make, model, vehicle trim and included factory options.


CAARGUIDE.COM is another online resource that uses a proprietary Classic Automobiles Appraisal and Resource Guide to estimate values of collectible and classic cars using its proprietary valuation scale.

Collector Car Market Review (CCMR)

Collector Car Market Review is compiles auction, sales reports, classified listings and other proprietary data sources to estimate values in their VMR Collector Car & Truck Price Guide estimating car value using a 5-Level Condition Guide.

Historical Vehicle Auction Sale Prices:

ConceptCarz.com – Historical Vehicle Auction Trends: Values by Year

ClassicandSportsCar.com – Auction Results by Year/Make/Model

Available Inventory – Vehicles Listed for Sale:

ClassicCars.com – Private Party Classic Car Classifieds

Hemmings – Vehicle Classifieds

Autotrader – Classic Cars for Sale

CollectorCarAds.com – Private Party Collector Car Classifieds

Available Inventory – Online Vehicle Auctions:

Bring a Trailer – Vintage and Classic Cars for Sale Online

eBay Motors – Classic Cars and Trucks for Sale